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Implementing Effective CPD

Updated: Sep 15, 2021

I've watched the CPD industry with a huge amount of intrigue over the years. One of the key thing's I have noticed is a lack of follow up and coaching post CPD workshops and events. I recently spoke to a wellbeing manager at a SEND College who had gone on a one-day mental health workshop. He has been given a manual to take away, which was as thick as his arm. When I asked him if he had managed to read the manual 3 weeks after the workshop, he said he hadn't found the time. At Recharged Health and Wellbeing, we believe the CPD industry is really missing an opportunity. If we want to support others in getting their own oxygen masks on, our first port of call must be to improve our habits, practices, and knowledge. Knowing is not nearly enough and is associated with the GI Joe Fallacy. Unfortunately, a one day workshop with no follow-up support rarely creates the long term behavioural changes we need to develop a change in our culture or deepen our learning. It's our firm belief that for any training to create impact, there must be an approach that gives delegates time and space to apply the learning. We use Guskeys 5 questions when working with our clients to support the planning of any workshops/CPD. This framework allows us to work backwards from the training. (Helping Staff Develop in Schools by Sara Bubb and Peter Earley)* 1. What impact do you want to have on learners, and how will you know you have had this impact? 2. If the above is what you want to accomplish, what practices do you need to implement? 3. What does the organisation need to do to support that, e.g. time/resources do people need? 4. What knowledge do people need to have, and what skills do they have to develop? 5. What activities (training) do people need to gain those skills or knowledge? Next time your organisation is planning CPD ask yourself these questions, and I'm sure it will enhance the learning for your organisation as a whole. *This is not an affiliate link.

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