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About Us

Recharged health and wellbeing unlock your business potential through a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. 

We help you to embed a culture of wellbeing into every interaction and decision you make. 

We do this through consultancy, CPD registered workshops, group and individual coaching.  

Why Do We Exist?

In the last 3 years the modern workplace has changed forever. We help you to stay ahead of that change to secure your businesses legacy.


What Do We Do?

We make sure you are putting health and wellbeing firmly at the centre of your culture through workshops, coaching and consultancy. 

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What Do We Promise?


To understand your organisational and staff needs.

We are use questionnaires, surveys, and focus groups.


To provide the knowledge, tools, and skills your staff need to fully support your organisations wellbeing. 

Through integrated skills in 3 core areas as well as auditing the system.


To make sure your leaders can apply these principles to their teams

Through follow up, check in's and additional group coaching sessions.

About the Founder

Joseph (Joe) Rogers is the founder and lead consultant of Recharged Health and Wellbeing Ltd.
Joe has a Degree in Physical Education & Sports Science with Psychology (BSc Hons) and a Master of Research degree in Skill Acquisition, Motor Control, and Learning.
He is a lifelong learner and has a keen interest in organisational psychology and all aspects of health and wellbeing.
He is an accomplished speaker and has spoken for organisations such as Santander on the topic of employee wellbeing.
During the early part of his career, he worked with elite and neurodiverse athletes, supporting them as a sports scientist, and holds qualifications and credentials in strength and conditioning, well-being, and psychological first aid.

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The world we imagine is a world where everyone can reach their highest potential.
It starts with us.
How we show up in the world is a direct reflection of how the next generation will show up in the world.
If you believe they can't, they won't. If you believe they can, they will.
It's our responsibility to leave a legacy we can be proud of, that legacy is tomorrow’s generation, and it starts with us.

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Joe Rogers  |  Founder