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“Many programs are superficial - ours aren't. We focus on evidence-based supports that drive behavioural and cultural change.”
Joe Rogers  |  Founder
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Supporting a culture where we foster the wellbeing of ourselves and others is key.
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Wellbeing is about doing and we support your leaders and staff to take an active role in measuring, promoting and living to your values.
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We develop your leaders and staff so they may push themselves out of their comfort zone and see failure as an opportunity to learn and grow.
Step 1
How can you get to your final destination without knowing where you are?
In this step we work on your organisational wellbeing strategy with your senior leaders from the L&D and HR team to create awareness about your organisation's health and wellbeing needs from a business and employee perspective. 

We work with you to identify gaps in knowledge around legislation and training and help you to understand what your people need to thrive through our 3 step wellbeing audit. 
Team Meeting
Step 2
Leadership Workshops
Getting our own oxygen masks on first is something we firmly believe in
In this step, we work with staff to develop wellness and health recovery action plans and support them to understand how specific tools may be helpful to them when working with their teams. 
Step 3
Ongoing Support
We provide learning materials, focus groups and group coaching sessions to consolidate the learning. The information that we collect can be passed on to your HR team to support your overall wellbeing strategy.
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Step 4
Review and Support
In this step we focus on helping you review the changes you have made, we support you to reflect on where you have come from and where you are going. 

We made sure you have quality assurance processes in place to make sure Be Healthy Active and Courageous is embedded within your curriculum effectively. We then provide monthly ongoing coaching sessions with your wellbeing lead to ensure the implementation of your journey is going smoothly.