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Our Team
Joseph (Joe) Rogers
Founder, Speaker, Facilitator, Qualified Coach 
Joe founded Recharged Health and Wellbeing after just over a decade of working with some of the world's greatest sports teams and corporate leaders. 

He recognised that the biggest differentiator between all the high-performing teams he worked with was their development culture. 

Their learning and development programmes focused on themselves as individuals and as teams. Coaching and specialist skills support to help embed learning were at the forefront of these programs, with time dedicated to supporting staff and player development.

In 2022 Joe decided he wanted to play a bigger game and develop services that would empower companies to embed a culture of wellbeing within their organisation supported through specific learning programmes. 

Founded on key principles related to coaching, positive psychology, learning and development, Recharged wellbeings services look to cut through the surface and tackle the root cause of any wellness issues your company may be facing. 
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Anna Croucher
Facilitator & Coach 
Bringing over 15 years experience in the NHS and 20 years of experience working in a caring capacity. Anna’s sessions weave in a range of evidenced-based tools, including compassion-focused therapy, mindfulness, and resilience training.
Anna has a background in occupational therapy and is an extremely experienced mindfulness and meditation teacher, practitioner and coach. She is passionate about her work and teaches people how to ride the waves of life rather then get caught up in them.

We also have a number of partners we work with including psychologists and data scientists and are currently working to bring in other partners.