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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Is the BHAC Journey for staff or learners?
    This is a great question. Ultimately the answer is to support a whole college view of health and wellbeing as suggested by the AoC and NICE Guidelines. The BHAC Journey aims to reduce sickness and absence, cost of employee acquisition and attract and retain staff members. Alongside creating and integrated approch to learner health and happiness.
  • Our staff won't have enough time
    We understand that you may feel time is an issue, but we aim to give you more value in content and learning than you give up in time. We also have an option to complete the training in smaller chunks to develop The BHAC Journey within your organisation. This allows time for implementation and action.
  • I'm not sure BHAC can be applied to learners within SEND
    The training is designed with this question in mind. We have learned from the scientific literature on this topic and our engagement with colleges in the SEND sector has allowed us to create program that draws on current practice and research in this area. We recognise staff will have to adapt this material over time which is why we have the 12 weeks of sessions to create a STAFF lead curriculum document that will be used for best practice across each learner journey. This is a massive opportunity for staff to be involved in a groundbreaking project.
  • I'm already well versed in wellbeing. Is this still for us?
    It's fantastic you feel like you are well versed in these areas, and I am sure you will have much to contribute to your organisation and the overall outcomes of your colleges journey. However, it may be that getting your staff fully engaged in supporting their own wellbeing and that of learners is something you need support with. This is where we can help bring wellbeing to the forefront of your curriculum and everyones minds.
  • I don't understand what BHAC is or how it works?
    BHAC is about how everyone at the organisation can create a culture geared toward health and wellbeing. It's designed to be a common language you can all use and will become the golden thread in the curriculum to support wellbeing moving forward.
  • Is there a book or something I read so I understand how to apply this?
    Not currently but we will be developing supporting materials from the work we do in our groups and providing you with resources as we go along. There is, however, a whitepaper being developed from our findings in some of our major projects.
  • Does BHAC align with the 5 ways to wellbeing?
    Yes absolutely. We would actively encourage learners to keep focusing on the 5 ways to wellbeing alongside focusing on consistent sleep schedules good nutrition and beyond. Remember: Being Healthy: is about empowering learners to actively participate in the five ways to wellbeing and beyond. Being Active: is about empowering learners to take an active approach toward their goals in life and take responsbility for their habits and goals. Being Courageous: is about empowering learners to not see failure as opportunity to learn instead of an opportunity to stop learning.
  • How will this training support me?
    One of the biggest challenges that we all face isn't knowing what to do. It is taking action. This training will help you to bridge that gap for yourselves and learners. Supporting each other along the way will bring you closer together and allow you to discuss the changes you would like to make to the curriculum to support health and wellbeing within the BHAC journey. Ultimately these skills may support your day-to-day life but will also leave a legacy of health and wellbeing at your college.
  • Will we be able to engage in the sessions?
    All sessions are highly interactive, with many practical takeaways that you can use with learners. Firstly you'll be asked how the information applies to yourself and how the information applies to the learners you work with. We may use digitial break out rooms for some tasks and it's possible we will ask you to do some group and individual tasks. Nobody will be expected to share anything with the group that they do not wish to.
  • How will the success of the BHAC Journey be assessed?
    The project's success will be determined by data analysed by the organisation around learner health and well-being, alongside qualitative discussions with staff and learners.
  • How will we engage parents?
    collaboratively our aim will be to develop supporting materials to give to parents so that learners have a cohesive experience with the BHAC Journey at College and at home.
  • Why are the group sessions important?
    The group sessions are an opportunity to reflect on current practices, discuss how this training can be applied across learner journeys and are an opportunity to voice concerns, questions and to discuss how you would like to action the principles we discuss. We will cover specific topics in each session but we will not be sending out those topics until the end of the workshop period. That way we can tailor the action learning style sessions to your needs.
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